– About us –

We are adventurers, builders, experimenters and pioneers.

Compass Digital Labs is a diverse team of inventive problem solvers focused on creating new solutions rooted in the user’s actual needs. We design products and services to create experiences that improve the lives of our users. We believe in the power of ‘What If?’ and combining creative people with different talents to make a dent in the world. Solving complex problems is not work, it’s fun. We are all here to dream up the most authentic and engaging work in the world, with the smartest people we know.

– Our Leaders –

Scott Wu

VP Technology

Scott oversees the technical strategy of the company and is devoted to building a team of world class designers, engineers and data scientists. He is often described as a tech geek with a unique ability to understand the big picture. Scott developed emerging technologies early on while working in various telecommunication companies. He received a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business (York University).

Humza Teherany

Chief Executive Officer

Humza is the CEO of Compass Digital Labs and serves as the President of CIO Association of Canada. An entreprenuer and technologist from an early age, Humza has built successful technology teams with a history of consistently delivering growth. He drives the company’s vision, strategy, culture and future growth opportunities. Humza is involved in crafting strong technology and business partnerships with some of the top organizations across the globe. He has spoken internationally about both business strategy and technology.

Jugveer Randhawa

VP Technology Delivery

Jugveer is responsible for both the operational and client engagement strategies of the company. He is a strategic digital leader that understands how to create teams to deliver complex technology solutions into the business. Under Jugveer’s leadership, Compass Digital Labs has delivered solutions to Rogers Communications, TJX, American Express, Samsung and many other organizations. Jugveer has an innate ability to build strong relationships with both internal and external partners. Client partner, business enabler and motivated leader are words used often to describe Jugveer.

We believe in passionate people.

– Our manifesto –


We are curious


We love passion


We strive for better


A mixture of Art and Science




Creating new ideas is in our cultural fabric


We live courageously




We seek honesty