Disrupt and Delight. That’s what we do. As part of the innovation fabric at Compass Group, we are the ones who challenge. Who tinker. Who wonder freely and know that nothing is real until we make it. We drive the freshest possible thinking, innovating in technology to create day-changing experiences, every day.


We’re built to take risks


Innovation is what happens when experts are allowed to dream without limits. Powered by a $18.6-billion company, we have the autonomy and talent to create change from within the retail and hospitality industries, partnering with forward-thinking clients to design extraordinary digital experiences. If we’re not pushing the envelope, we’re not having fun.


Fun Facts


Places our staff calls home.

United States: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Montana, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington.

Canada: Toronto, London.

We are left,
right and
We are left, right and center.
85 % right handed
10 % left handed
5 % ambidextrous


Number of different
languages spoken
by our team
Polish, Hindi, Cantonese, French, Portuguese, Gujarati, Chaldean, Esperanto, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, German, Punjabi and of course English
No. of coffee vs tea drinkers
54 Team
46 Team

The percentage of cats and dogs that the team owns

Favorite Star

Our Favorite Star Wars Movie:

Return of the Jedi


No. of diverse backgrounds

Medical Doctor, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Musicians, Development, Entrepreneur, Underwater Welding (in Canada), Military, Executive Chef, Marketing, Astrophysics, Applied Mathematics, Engineering and so many more…

Jordan Grosz Jordan Grosz

Working as a Digital Platform Manager, you possess a deep understanding of vastly different technologies while often obtaining new knowledge of day-to-day operations across the business. Platform Managers work on special projects to disrupt old and inefficient solutions across all departments and sectors, as well as push the boundaries of what is possible with technology within the retail food service and facility management industry.

Jordan Grosz Technology Platform Manager
Jordan Grosz Jordan Grosz


Powered by Curiosity

We believe that creating the right solution is a matter of asking the right questions. We get curious about the people we’re building for, then we develop human-centered solutions for them. We dream, test, refine and repeat, designing ahead so we never fall behind, in relentless pursuit of the most innovative solutions. Plus, we are diverse in both background and talent. From our Astrophysicists to our moonlighting musicians, we see the world through human eyes and redefine what’s possible in technology and human engagement.

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