What is Bridge

Bridge is a responsive web application, accessible on any device with an internet connection and a browser.

In the business of caring for people loved ones, quality assurance and mitigating risk is a top priority. Many residents in senior living facilities have unique dietary, nutritional and preferential needs when it comes to their diets, and residents and their loved ones depend on the operational staff to fulfill these needs.

The goal of Bridge is to eliminate analog systems (a lot of paper and binders) and to give staff the tools they need to have visibility to every resident's individual health restrictions and dietary needs with an amazing experience and the highest level of care. Bridge uses a fully digital, cloud-based solution to ensure resident information, menus, and meal choices are always up to date.


Sheet of paper every year


Saving in food Waste



With Bridge an average long-term care home can save:
40,000+ sheets of paper every year
$26,200+ savings in food waste