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Bridging The Gap In Front Line Employee Engagement


“What’s in it for me?” This might as well be the motto for the Millennials and Gen Z population. In 8 years, Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. Taking that into account, businesses need to start re-designing the way they work. During our CXI Retail Innovation Competition in 2016 Compass Digital Labs discovered Nudge Rewards, a tool that gamifies the responsibilities of front-line employees. After partnering for a pilot in Compass Group Canada’s retail healthcare foodservice locations, the results were a definite win-win for the business and employee.

A nudge is a push notification to the employee’s mobile phone that provides the employee with a “mission” to complete. Once this is completed, the employee gains points towards a rewards system. What’s in it for the business? The nudge is built to drive towards achieving a specific KPI that is set by the business, engaging employees where they spend a large amount of their time.


The success of any new program relies largely on how you build energy around the concept. When Nudge was implemented into nine healthcare institutions, we had several objectives. Our primary objective was to increase the average guest check by 3%, and the secondary objectives were to increase associate engagement and to be able to communicate to all the locations instantly. After building program content and implementing across Compass locations, we were able to achieve success in all areas.

In one location we were able to grow sales by over $20.5K during the initial pilot period of one month, demonstrating that gamifying the daily responsibilities of a job can be beneficial to both the employer and the employee.

We have to accept that it is becoming harder and harder to separate people from their phones. Using employee’s phones to increase productivity at work through gamification strategies offers a successful solution. The business sees higher engagement of employees in reaching team goals, and employees see a rewards system that is attainable. So, what’s next? The implementation team at Compass Digital Labs is here to help you see an improvement in your KPIs, improve the flow of ordering food, and to make sure that every situation ends up being a win-win.

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Jessica Chiu , Implementation Manager

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