Part of making clients as happy as we do, is being able to offer them a wide range of services. We built our capabilities piece by piece, adding sophistication through experience and hiring the best talent in the business to not just fill gaps, but redefine the way we deliver.

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Diversity of Skill.

It takes a fleet of sharp minds from a wide range of disciplines to create an experience that truly feels vital. Our thinkers have strengths in a variety of domains, but one thing is consistent across the board – our human approach to redefining the way our clients give value to their customers.

digital strategy

Digital Strategy

If digital strategy is all about attracting and retaining customers while driving in-business growth, then our team is second to none. Our Digital Strategy team makes digital technology an indispensable part of the experience space by providing superior and seamless customer interactions. We create for all verticals - healthcare, higher education, entertainment and the business industry - building strategies that drive unforgettable experiences tailored to each situation’s unique needs.

ux design

UX Design and Research

A user’s instincts need to be rewarded. The UX Research team knows this, and works closely with all stakeholders to find every opportunity to improve the experience of using our products and services. The team’s expertise includes running in-context and remote research activities to identify opportunity areas, co-designing solutions with users, testing and evolving existing products and features, and mapping relevant sector trends.



We’re good on our toes. Using agile development methodologies, our specialized development team provides continuous delivery over time. This allows us to analyze data, incorporate real user feedback and iterate our solutions on the fly so we can get our tech to market quickly. Our technology strategy, solution architecture, mobile development, cross-stack solution development and quality assurance are all performed in-house.

Having a multidisciplinary development team gives us the ability to collaborate and innovate in from a variety of perspectives. This allows us to not only meet, but also exceed the customers and business needs.

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brian brian

Data Intelligence

Someone needs to make sense of all the numbers, and at Compass Digital Labs, we’ve got a full roster of data scientists, analysts, report developers and database engineers to do the job. But what sets us apart is the way our keen business IQ informs the critical thinking, advanced techniques and effective communication needed to turn insight into action. And once we’re live, our Data Intelligence team steps in and gives stakeholders the tools to track campaigns in real time. Numbers can do amazing things.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

The right message at the right time, in the right place, strategically targeted and backed by hard numbers, weaved into a journey story that serves up customer service at every point of need. It feels a bit like wizardry at times, but the real magic is in how good digital marketing can deepen a customer’s relationship with a brand. Whether it’s strategy, marketing automation, loyalty initiatives or customer data management, we love creating faithful customers through sharp marketing.

digital service

Digital Services

Technology needs to be handled with care, especially when there’s a brand’s reputation on the line. Our Digital Services team installs, tests, and manages seamless rollouts of new tech solutions across every business sector of Compass Group. Working with Compass Cybersecurity, the Digital Strategy team holds our customers’ cyber safety as a key priority in every implementation

Human Centered Design

We put people at the
center of the process.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that on the other side of every product is a human being. We hold this truth in the front of our minds for every project, applying user-centric design methodologies that include ethnographic research, rapid prototyping, usability testing and iterative development to bridge the gap between current and future experiences. And the end result is always a product tailored to business and client needs.