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Our Cultural Values and Guiding Principles

Our Cultural Values and Guiding Principles are the DNA that makes up the Compass Digital culture. This is who we are and how we work.



Passion is a boundless enthusiasm for our work; passion is going the extra mile to not only reach our goals but to raise the bar and exceed expectations.


We are curious by nature; our sense of adventure is what pushes us past our comfort zone to take action, to learn, to grow, and to challenge the status quo.


We value all of our people, stakeholders, and their time. We deliver on our commitments.

Guiding Principles


We’re Customer Focused.

We know our customers, and we keep them as a focus in everything we do. Every role, every action, is meant to drive an extraordinary experience for all of our customers.

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We’re High Performers.

We work hard, but we work smart. We are focused but agile. We strive to reach our highest potential in everything we do, and by hiring with this in mind, we give our people the autonomy to shine.


We have Integrity.

We demonstrate respect for others’ time, opinions, and ideas. We follow through on our commitments and enable the success of others along the way.


We’re Collaborative.

We communicate openly and with transparency—running productive meetings, sharing our knowledge, and having each other’s backs is what helps us succeed together.


We Experiment.

We take calculated risks. We create opportunities for disruption through testing, asking the right questions, and taking strategic risks to learn.


We’re Inspired.

We are on a constant search for the next great idea. We challenge the way we think, find inspiration in the most unexpected places, and focus on disruption.

Digital Future Initiative

The Digital Future Initiative (DFI) is our set of action-based programs, focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. We’re making technology an inclusive and empowering space for all individuals, inside our company and within our communities.

Elevate Program

Talent is Equally Distributed. Opportunity is Not.

Through strategic collaborations with partners such as Year Up and Enactus, DFI empowers individuals and creates a pipeline of talent. Our purposeful alliances create new avenues for personal growth and professional success, facilitating a bridge between ambition and achievement.


Enlighten Program

Open Dialogues and Important Conversations.

We illuminate the path forward by fostering essential conversations within Compass Digital and beyond. By providing an inclusive platform, we ensure that every voice is heard, forging a collective narrative that drives positive change and belonging.


Engage Program

Closing the Digital Divide.

We champion those who require support the most, delivering training and providing access to technology. We empower individuals to unlock their potential by supplying essential tools and knowledge to ensure a robust foundation for continuous learning and development.