Bringing Boost to Campus

At a private business school located in Massachusetts, during the height of the pandemic, the Operations team was faced with a particularly complex challenge—keeping the students on campus safe, while also meeting the needs of an increase in campus enrollment.

Acting fast, the school’s operators knew that a big piece of the puzzle would be making sure that their solution would still appeal to students. A key step in their plan? Implementing Boost mobile ordering, which offers several safe and convenient ways to order from on-campus dining.

Becoming a Mobile Ordering Campus

The Chartwells team decided to go mobile-only with Boost, allowing for the most flexibility in suiting a range of guest needs while also providing an added layer of efficiency. Wanting to promote the app’s benefits in a variety of ways to resonate with the largest possible audience, the operators took three distinct approaches:

  • Showcasing Boost’s Best Features: With the app being freshly implemented into on-campus dining and being the one way to place orders, the team had to ensure the transition would be a welcome one. One method was instructing students to order ahead and select a pick-up time slot, encouraging social distancing and offering more flexibility to their day.
  • Leveraging Order Data: The operators are able to take a look at what’s trending on Boost and apply it to several different areas of their business. The team can ensure that popular products are available, propose new menu items and concepts, and modify their hours of operation to reflect demand.
  • Unique Marketing Initiatives: The operators were able to encourage Boost usage through coupon codes as well as Boost credits. One clever usage was for a charity event, which offered credits as a potential prize for completing the event’s task.

The implementation of Boost has influenced our team into being more data-driven. This effect cascades to every level of the business and has been essential to navigating our operation during the pandemic.

On-Campus Dining | General Manager


While the app was newly introduced to campus, Boost’s intuitive user interface allowed both operators and dining guests to adjust quickly to their new digital way to order. Implementing Boost allowed for efficiency, easing staffing challenges, and the Operations team was very happy with their post-implementation result:

Uplift in order volume

Pick-up time-slots maximize sales while encouraging social distancing in tight spaces. Boost’s sales data allows our team to focus our efforts on products that move the needle. This data has been vital when proposing new menu items, concepts, and changes to hours of operation.

On-Campus Dining | General Manager

With Boost, guests are not only given the opportunity to have their orders work on their own schedule—their orders help their school’s Operations team know what people want, and when. With mobile ordering, meeting guest expectations for safety, convenience, and a great experience is only a tap away.