Transforming How Operators Learn Retail Technology

In 2020, the new Digital Education and Communications team set out to innovate and reinvent the way we train our field operations. Now, CDL is providing industry-leading programs for our associates which includes digital, on-demand, and engaging learning resources for our field operators.

Although the available previous live webinar trainings had all the content needed to learn the products (such as mobile apps), the learners felt “talked at” and were not retaining the information once getting back to their units and needing to apply it in real life. This also meant that some associates’ first interactions with our technology wouldn’t take place until they were already working their shift, possibly causing them to feel overwhelmed or approach our tech slower than they would normally like. For instance, customers would place an order in the mobile app, come to pick it up in the café and newer associates wouldn’t know how to fulfill the order. 

With this in mind, the Digital Education team was determined to ensure our operators could familiarize themselves with our products much sooner, even embrace the technology, in a manner that suits a wider range of learning styles, including physical, logical, and combination styles. Enter the Level 1 Digital Certification for Operators—now available and successfully helping operators Compass-wide gain a deeper understanding of their café technology in a more hands-on way.

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How CDL’s Digital Education transforms the learning process.

  1. Transitioned away from Live Webinars that require no interaction from the viewer
  2. Create new, interactive, and engaging eLearnings that enable operators to practice executing the technology in a digital, simulated environment
  3. Establish a Digital Certification Program for our operators, which aims to boost them in their careers at Compass Group by empowering them to gain a full understanding of their retail technology and the importance of network security to our clients and business

Really liked the interactive LMS training for Thrive. Very easy to understand and good visuals for remembering how to use the system. I wish every Compass system training was this easy to navigate!

 Compass Associate with their digital certificate


operator eLearning certifications completed since May 2020
‘confidence in execution’ rate received by majority eLearnings post-training

Confident and well-trained associates are key to creating positive experiences for all stakeholders. Customers can enjoy smooth and efficient service, their satisfaction benefits our business, and our associates can feel well-equipped to drive hospitality into the future using new and innovative digital means to reach their customers. 

Overall, I feel very prepared. The eLearning was very nice because I could act out the scenarios, which helps me to learn the best.

 Compass Associate with their digital certificate