Digitally Empowered Operators—Back of House Mobile Management

Now, more than ever, our Mobile ordering apps have been essential tools for the food and hospitality industry. 

With an exponential increase in mobile demand, we focused on making mobile site management as easy and efficient as possible. 
The goal was to create a product any Operations team could leverage to deploy mobile sites at scale; safely and efficiently getting back to business.


As a part of Compass Group North America, a global leader in food, hospitality, and support services, our teams have an intimate knowledge of our operators’ critical needs. 

They have set out to ship a Back of House Mobile Management Suite that solved for:

  • A product built to suit all Compass Business Verticals (Business & Industry, Education, and Healthcare)
  • Digital Menus that work for both internal and external brands
  • Global and local menu scalability that work for single sites or major multi-site campuses 
  • Efficient menu creation and deployment

Overall the Admin Panel has been a great tool for our managers to use.  It’s easy to adjust the menu, pricing and turning applications on and off.  Changes happen right away and we no longer need to submit a [ticket] to update information, saving us time!

B&I Compass Operator


Back of House Mobile Management Suite features:

  • Customizable menus with flexible templates
  • Automated end of day reporting
  • Rotational menu scheduling
  • Global and local menu configuration 
  • Self-Managed promotions
  • Branded menu imagery
  • In-App announcements


Launched in August 2020, the Back of House Mobile Management Suite created a strong impact in digital site management:

more local site menus created
more global menus created
less cost to deploy a site
faster speed to deploy new sites
more site deployments


With the Back of House Mobile Management Suite’s positive outcomes, we plan to continue expanding the platform’s services and abilities, allowing operators future capabilities and many more commercial channels. Stay tuned for more on the horizon.