Enjoying Convenience with InstaEat

Knowing that a major construction project on their cafeteria was looming, the Morrison Healthcare team at Cleveland Clinic reached out to Compass Digital to stay ahead of the upcoming closures. The team needed a solution that would allow them to continue to provide the same great service to the clinic’s busy caregivers, outside of their typical dining space.

InstaEat Mobile Ordering proved itself to be the perfect digital solution to an inaccessible cafeteria—and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it became a critical part of the Morrison team’s safety toolkit as well.

Bringing a Cafe to Caregivers

Throughout the implementation and promotion process, leadership on the clinic’s Operations team championed the benefits of mobile ordering. To ensure that their new digital solution would be welcomed as the safe and convenient alternative, the Morrison Healthcare team:

  • Provided Consumers with Options: InstaEat users had the option to either pick up from a designated location at the cafeteria, or select to have their orders delivered to one of three buildings on campus, maximizing flexibility.
  • Embraced the Power of Marketing: By focusing on areas that caregivers frequent most including break rooms, as well as the food service website (that would be visited for menus and updates), the messaging on mobile ordering and delivery could easily reach its target audience.
  • Offered Promo Codes: By providing clinic staff with a one-time-use code for a percentage off their first order, the Operations team added a useful benefit to would-be users curious to see what this new technology could do for them.

Our client champions innovation and technology in every instance possible, as it increases access and availability for hospital caregivers and visitors to order and receive food in a more timely and efficient manner, using a method they are accustomed to using in other locations.

CDL is able to provide a variety of options to respond to the client requests, including InstaEat. This increases our credibility overall with our client and future clients, and keeps us in step with our competition. InstaEat has helped us reduce the line at some of our busiest locations, which was especially important after the COVID-19 pandemic to support social distancing and reduce the amount of time people spend in the café itself.

Wendy Phillips | Regional VP, Morrison Healthcare Team


Thanks to InstaEat, anyone at the clinic would have the opportunity to place orders on their own schedule, while resting assured that crowding wouldn’t be of concern. Overall, by providing an easy ordering solution to a very busy population, the Operations team was able to achieve:

increase in average check
-fold increase in initial monthly InstaEat sales
average deliveries a month during peak lunch hour

Since our launch of the InstaEat ordering system in January 2021, we have seen rapid growth in users and sales … This technology solution is popular with our Caregivers who have shared with us that they don’t have a lot of time for their meal break, and the ease of ordering through pickup has helped with that challenge.

With the support of CDL, we were also able to offer delivery as an option by adding three delivery sites, which gained traction as we served 350 deliveries a month during our peak lunch time.

James Razzante | Director of Retail Operations

With leadership being the biggest promoters of InstaEat, the Operations team was ready to welcome this new way to order—enabling caregivers to quickly start enjoying the benefits of mobile ordering, scheduled pickup, and delivery. Morrison continues to see great results while promoting safety and convenience.