How CulinArt Made a Welcoming Digital Dining Experience During a Pandemic

In March 2021, CulinArt Group was tasked with creating a dynamic dining experience at a leading broadband connectivity company’s new corporate headquarters in Stamford, CT. With many employees required to be in person for work, it was necessary to ensure that getting food would not only be safe but satisfying as well.

The CulinArt team was determined to maintain their staunch commitment to culinary innovation and first-rate hospitality while also serving customers in a safe, contactless environment. Partnering with Compass Digital, the operators welcomed an “on-demand” ordering experience—with guests more than ready to embrace it.

Finding the perfect fit

The CulinArt operators had begun working with Compass Group teams, as well as Digital Success from CDL, to strategically implement a suite of integrated solutions while optimizing all digital channels. In order to ensure that the technology being added to the dining locations would be the best fit for the space, the teams were keen to:

  • Select the right products: With a combination of Eatify mobile ordering, Scan & Pay, as well as kiosk/self-checkout technology, there was a digital option to support a variety of guest needs. This approach was necessary to accommodate a wide range of employee schedules.
  • Leverage kitchen display systems: By having all their technology fully integrated, the Operations team was able to operate smartly and drive efficiencies. Single platform reporting and dual order management were able to run smoothly thanks to integrated kitchen display systems.
  • Reengineer menus: While ensuring that people can get their orders on time is critical, it’s equally important to have all the available food options presented as identically appealing as in the physical space. Menu optimization helps ensure a consistent experience no matter where or how someone is ordering.

Operating efficiently throughout and post-pandemic puts tremendous focus on how technology enables and elevates the dining experience. With our partners at CDL, we’ve carefully and strategically implemented a suite of integrated solutions and optimized all digital channels.

George Kirby | District Manager


Thanks to a strategic partnership and lots of thoughtful planning, guests were incredibly pleased with their new dining choices. One key success factor? The combination of technology available allowed for an unprecedented level of flexibility. The Operations team has seen a lot of positive indicators so far, which include:

active Mobile app users within the building’s population
Scan and Pay’s share of total Market sales
Scan and Pay’s share of total customer counts
of sales accounted for by Mobile

By tailoring their technology selection to suit their guests’ varied needs, Operations has set up an inviting dining location with an array of digital touchpoints to make dining convenient and enjoyable. The CulinArt team is set to open four more locations within the client’s second tower, providing an unparalleled experience in downtown Stamford.

While integrations can be challenging and complicated, teams across Compass Digital have supported CulinArt and continue to provide resolutions and drive results.

Ali Bernardi | VP of Marketing