How Digital Transformation Had a Big Impact on Eurest

It goes without saying that many businesses underwent changes to prepare for reopening; however, for some, it was more like a game-changing transformation. This was certainly true for one of Eurest’s clients, a large pharmaceutical company located in New York state.

Accustomed to a fifth of their sales being paid with cash, and kiosks being the main means of ordering, the Eurest Operations team at the marketplace—after witnessing the success of an interim catering program—saw Thrive Mobile Ordering as the right long-term answer to their modified needs. Relying on the current team’s experience in adapting and scaling, the team ensured a contactless hospitality environment for current and return-to-office populations.

Materials for Success

With their goal of guests being ready to order from the Thrive app at top of mind, the Eurest team was sharply focused on marketing as a key component in preparing for the launch. Operators felt that it was very important to ensure that the benefits of enhanced hospitality with contactless were communicated early, and often.

By having the opportunity to integrate the mobile experience into the larger return-to-work messaging, the Operators used the following tactics within their launch strategy:

  • Download cards in delivered meals: Two weeks prior to launch, the Eurest team placed Thrive-branded cards into the catered meals that were being delivered to the current population. This allowed guests time to download the app and understand its functions.
  • Piloting for select staff: By allowing for user testing, the Eurest team was able to gather valuable feedback from the client. This made room for necessary adjustments to ensure Thrive would be a great fit for guests, Operators, and the facility. 
  • Using the right advertising materials: Eurest Operations took over digital signage in hallways and the marketplace to promote Thrive. Table tents were available in relevant locations, and the client launched their own custom Thrive “How-to Guide” for the office. This was included in all the Return-to-Work paperwork to ensure a smooth transition.

Great solution that I hope can scale to greater capacity.

From Thrive Customer Survey


Due to the client being in strong partnership and putting a heavy emphasis on marketing mobile as the best way to order, user adoption continues to grow. As well, a recent guest sentiment survey applauds Operations and expresses satisfaction in the app. The Eurest team was pleased to share the outcome of their digital transformation with Thrive:

Sales from cash, down from 18% pre-reopening
Client sales driven through pre-order, pre-pay

The Thrive app has created a more positive guest experience in giving customers the streamlined service they expect. Overall, the Operations team has an improved production process, while being able to offer more variety.

One of the best food apps I used.

From Thrive Customer Survey

The client is now looking at offering micro pop-up markets, and there are many more opportunities to further improve upon what’s currently being offered. Stay tuned for future updates as the client explores new possibilities through digital transformation.

I like having the option to order ahead instead of waiting in line.

From Thrive Customer Survey