How Eurest Increased Mobile Adoption

What does it take to increase mobile adoption? Three different Business & Industry marketplaces, each with unique needs, set out to find the answer.

Partnering with Compass Digital, the marketplaces’ operators embarked upon a plan to enhance their digital offerings, which involved the cross-functional teams creating detailed plans that could address each of their specific concerns—while facing more demand for digital than ever before.

Making mobile a must

Each team approached the initiative from a different starting point. The marketplace located in the Eurest Mid-Atlantic region was relaunching mobile due to concerns with line congestion but faced reopening delays. The Southeast location launched Eatify a year ago; however, there hadn’t been any marketing campaigns, and unit offerings were minimal—therefore, mobile adoption was correspondingly low. And finally, the West marketplace already enjoyed plenty of guest interest in Thrive, and their team knew they had an excellent opportunity to move the needle further.

With their critical requirements identified, the teams worked together to create a multi-faceted solution to increase digital transactions and revenue. This included:

  • Support – Hold weekly cross-functional meetings to ensure accountability from everyone involved. Any technical issues were identified and addressed to provide a smooth experience for current and new mobile users.
  • Marketing – Full 9-week marketing plans were adjusted accordingly throughout the project’s timeline, with new periodic value messaging also incorporated to encourage ordering outside of regular mealtimes.
  • Choices – Offering more stations, plus assessing and updating menus allowed operators to provide a wide array of choices for users. Introducing mobile-only features (where applicable) such as Scan & Pay, delivery, and even exclusive menu items created intrigue for would-be users. Additionally, sampling and tabling events, as well as chef spotlights, were held to promote further interest in downloading the app.

“I thought this was an awesome study and really appreciate the team’s attention and support every step of the way.”

Judy Marzocco | Vice President of Marketing, Eastern Division


Without a doubt due to strong cross-functional collaboration, the initiative produced some outstanding results. Having detailed marketing campaigns allowed the marketplaces to have an easier time spreading the word about mobile ordering’s benefits, and awareness of Eatify and Thrive increased significantly. Each marketplace’s respective operators were looking forward to championing mobile; new features, offerings, and messaging created the perfect mix to get users excited to try out the app, regardless of the original issue that was being addressed.

Over the course of the project, the teams were able to note:

increase in orders (Mid-Atlantic)
increase in active users (Mid-Atlantic)
mobile penetration, with 2% goal (Southeast)
increase in check average (Southeast)
increase in # of transactions (West)
increase in mobile sales (West)

While the marketplaces pursued their goals from differing starting points, the tactics used proved to be effective all-around. With increased engagement and reinforcement, the teams promoting mobile are able to both capture new users and keep current ones on board. There are plenty of puzzle pieces, including digital signage and dynamic menus, that when placed together, can make mobile unstoppable.