IoT Safety Sensors—Protecting your Inventory from Anywhere

Keeping food stored away safely may sound simple; just keep your inventory in the required environment, right? Not quite. Many Operations teams must manually keep track of temperature readings several times a day, which takes up a lot of valuable labor and time.

Of course, there are also potential issues that can arise—a door left slightly ajar could be just as catastrophic to the unit’s food supply as a city-wide power outage. This is why, when lockdown orders were put in place among several sites, automated remote temperature sensors in walk-ins were critical to stopping unnecessary food loss.

How It’s Done

Remote temperature sensors uphold food safety standards and increase operational efficiency by: 

  • Offering reliable 24/7 visibility into temperature and humidity changes
  • Alerting the necessary parties when abnormal reporting patterns arise
  • Sounding the alarm on issues that may not be immediately obvious, such as a breaker failure

Digitally tracking temperature is not just about increasing productivity and reducing waste, more importantly it’s about ensuring each meal is stored, prepped and served at the proper temperature to guarantee safety remains our primary focus

Charles Richards, Director of Digital Strategy Canada

Stopping Disaster Before it Starts

There were several CDL, Compass Group Canada, and Sector teams all working together prior to lockdown to deploy this food safety solution. 

Their insightful future planning has resulted in:

sensors in use at over 100 sites
worth of frozen inventory being saved at one location
million data points per month collected
labor hours reallocated