The Digital Success Team’s Recipe for Growth

It’s integral to have Digital in hospitality — however, to keep customers coming back for more, operators must be able to utilize technology to its maximum potential.

Through hands-on optimizations, the Digital Success team helps make accounts more successful with mobile. Composed of critical thinkers who implement and grow complex Digital projects, the team encourages a growth mindset, alongside a discipline to ensure the best possible experience is created with the technology installed.

Tech Optimization

The Digital Success team identified three key areas of opportunity for the customer experience:

Digital Menus

While it is important that the menus available on mobile reflect everything that is shown on the unit’s physical menus, the user experience for the two types of menu is very different and must be adjusted accordingly.


Marketing and promotions are an ongoing method of customer engagement, and they need to be communicated in a way that is appropriate for both online and offline audiences.


Customers expect consistent experiences, and pricing is no exception; if an item appears differently priced offline than it is online, a customer may potentially be turned off forever.

A person at their work desk using the Thrive app on their mobile phone

My team is very happy with the partnership we have with Nirusha (Digital Solutions Manager). She stays on top of issues and works diligently to resolve them quickly.

Ed D’Alessandro | Capital One

Tactics Used

Over the course of the team’s assignments, they would have regular meetings with accounts to determine where optimization would be needed, and review the data to create customized recommendations. The upgrades included:

Digital Menus

In cases where offline menus were lengthy, new flows were established that would prevent customers from having to jump through multiple pages to order a single item.

Example: Adding pre-made options alongside a “build-your-own burger” selection, thus removing some decision-making and extra steps from the ordering process.


In the Digital space, communication is constant, so working with operators to plan the correct timing of promotions is imperative to keeping customers coming back.

Example: Sending app users one-time promo codes to kick start them using the app again, but this time with an upgraded and efficient buying experience, in turn encouraging repeat purchases.


Reviewing price discrepancies, and enabling operators to quickly edit errors if necessary, helped to ensure that pricing would be consistent from online to offline and eliminate unpleasant surprises for customers.

Example: By ascertaining that pricing is consistent across the board, a customer using the app for the first time would feel that the time they took to create a profile, place an order, input their payment method, etc. was worth it due to the positive end-to-end experience.


In just one fiscal quarter (April 1 to June 30), the team was able to record marked improvements across 24 accounts:

Jump in avg. weekly transactions
Increase in weekly avg. mobile sales
Increase in weekly avg. purchasing customers

The Digital Success team acts as a major ongoing support system for the units they work with. As well, they empower operators to take the data that they accrue daily and turn it into positive results through diligent planning. 

A few simple optimizations to technology that’s already in place can lead to great customer experiences that will continuously improve. The Digital Success team proves that small details can have a lasting impact on the big picture.

Ernest (Digital Success Manager) was extremely helpful with both the setup, ongoing [support] and enhancing the tech we have.

 Callie Flood | Pfizer