Transforming the Dining Experience at LVHN

Wanting to see some big changes, the Operations team at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) set the goal to increase efficiency throughout their dining facilities. With goals like expanding service hours and decreasing operational costs, they knew that digital would need to be a key part of their plan.

Since launching InstaEat, LVHN has been a retail innovation leader through mobile. Utilizing the app’s order ahead and Scan & Pay features, LVHN has been enhancing the guest experience through time savings and self-service. In fact, the deployment and unique promotion of InstaEat has not only helped them in achieving their goals, but have brought about some new, unexpected, and welcome benefits as well.

Making a space ready for digital

Eager to engage with technology, the Operations staff ensured that LVHN’s digital transformation kicked off without a hitch. Due to their leadership’s enthusiasm for promoting new products for their spaces, the staff couldn’t wait to incorporate them into their day-to-day as soon as they were implemented. Whether it was Order Ahead with mobile, Scan & Pay, or self-checkout (SCO), the following tactics helped the teams prepare:

  • Environment: The team was proactive in making sure that their dining space would be ready for digital, which included streamlining the menu for easy ordering. The entire marketplace (e.g., containers, grab & go, etc.) received bar codes, maximizing the options available for purchase and making both Scan & Pay and SCO a breeze.
  • Marketing: To promote their new digital space, the team spread the word about the benefits of InstaEat and SCO. By the time the new tech had been introduced, guests were not only aware of the new offering but also excited to try it out.
  • Self-Service: Along with promoting the new way to pay through marketing, the team championed the benefits of guests being able to serve themselves—especially the market expanding its hours to be open 24/7. The team was able to quickly influence guest behavior by altering the space to only allow for payment through mobile or SCO.

“Partnering with technology on what we wanted to accomplish from the on set allowed us to put a solution in place that solves for lower inventory and inefficiencies while solving for maximizing the space 24/7. We are also excited for what this partnership will continue to create.”

Brian Marsh | Regional Director of Operations Services


With a marketplace that now lets guests grab a bite whenever they need, transaction volumes and revenues have increased, particularly with the Scan & Pay feature on InstaEat. More customers are beginning to understand how easy and time-saving it is to use mobile, and they’ve been overall very receptive to the new changes to their dining space. The numbers at three LVHN locations—Dickson City, Carbon City, and Hecktown Oaks—showcase just how receptive guests have been to mobile:

larger InstaEat check averages vs SCO
growth in daily average cafe sales since launch

“I like being able to pay right on my phone. It allows me to not waste time and enjoy my break.”

OR Nurse | LVHN

When a team is engaged and excited about technology, the results are clear; having a positive approach toward learning how new digital solutions work and showcasing the benefits to others encourages people to embrace the new. With higher efficiencies, higher check averages, and growing sales volumes, mobile is proving itself to be a viable solution in a dining space, with SCO being the perfect complement. This tech can be an appealing and lower-cost model for any space looking for an upgrade to be even more customer-friendly.

“My staff loves that that they can come grab a snack in the middle of the night!”

Nursing Supervisor | LVHN