The foundation of good technology is always human truth. That’s why we’re a people company first and a tech company second. Nowhere is our people-focused approach more apparent than in the halls and boardrooms of our offices, where we’ve gathered the brightest minds to push for the best digital solutions to today’s problems.

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Our strength is our people.

The best way to get a sense of our values is to look at our people. First, you’ll notice that we’re diverse. But as you look closer and discover where our backgrounds overlap, you'll find the magic in our team. That’s where you see our knack for disruption. Our unquenchable curiosity. Our adventurous souls. And, of course, our genuine passion for innovation. 

jen jen

Having an Industrial Design background, it’s habitual to think of the end user when making any design decisions. I try to empathize with our customers and anticipate what they might want or need.

Jennifer De Vera Product Designer
jen jen



Executive team

scott wu scott wu

Scott Wu

Chief Technology Officer

Scott oversees the technical strategy of the company and is devoted to building a team of world class designers, engineers and data scientists. He is often described as a tech geek who can go granular while seeing the forest for the trees.

jugveer randhawa jugveer randhawa

Jugveer Randhawa

Chief Digital Officer

Jugveer works as two people. Internally, he’s the one who makes sure teams are structured, equipped and informed to deliver game-changing solutions. Externally, he’s the one who manages and prepares clients to receive the tech of their dreams.

Our Team

richard kapustin richard kapustin

Richard Kapustin

Senior Director Software Development

Richard applies his exceptional leadership skills to running an agile web and mobile application development team who can implement in a highly scaled infrastructure.

alvin townes alvin townes

Alvin Townes

Senior Director Digital Services

A veteran of Compass Group, Alvin has held a variety of strategic technology positions supporting the company’s growth and continued innovation. He is a dynamic leader with a deep knowledge of the business, driving results and creates a culture of togetherness.

date intelligent
gurbir perhar gurbir perhar

Gurbir Perhar

Director of Data Intelligence

Gurbir’s team drives insights and value using data and business intelligence. He’s a multifaceted thinker who enjoys discovering the underlying elegance in complex systems.

digital services
matthew poretta matthew poretta

Matthew Porretta

Senior Director Project and Implementation Management

Matthew oversees the delivery of complex projects and ensures timely delivery, execution and excellence while fostering a collaborative and united environment.

Edwin Edwin

Edwin Lam

Senior Manager Technology Services

Edwin and his team know how to understand client needs and apply the right technology to the problem, resulting in digital solutions that elevate customer experience across the board.

chris ludy chris ludy

Chris Ludy

Director of Digital Strategy
National Accounts

Chris has been on the other side as a chef and operator with Compass Group, and he uses this experience to merge operational insights and technology to enhance the guest experience.

Jessica Koster Jessica Koster

Jessica Koster

Director of Digital Strategy

A pioneer in Digital Commerce, Jessica works closely with internal clients to first understand the business challenges they face, then deliver solutions that help them rise above.

kyle arnold kyle arnold

Kyle Arnold

Director of Digital Strategy
Business & Industry

Kyle is a firm believer in the power of partnerships, and uses his keen mind for strategy to leverage the right product, for the right client, to achieve the right outcome.

lauren O’reilly lauren O’reilly

Lauren O’Reilly

Director of Digital Strategy
Higher Education

Lauren leads digital strategy in the education sector with the goal of attracting and retaining clients, drawing from her experience in executing grand ideas for disruptive lifestyle and tech companies.

The most important part of Data Science is understanding the problems of our customers/users and how we can leverage innovative tactics like Ai to solve them. Our goal is to eliminate pain points for our customers and use analytics to create a more carefully curated experience.

Keshev Kulkarni Senior Data Scientist
keshev keshev
keshev keshev



If our internship was a literal ship, it would probably be a submarine. Why? Because it goes deep and it gets real. Quick. Our interns join a team as any new employee would, making real contributions while giving and receiving feedback over the course of their internship. They also enjoy the benefit of mentoring sessions with our CEO and Leadership team, while learning the ins and outs of the startup environment and getting exposure to every angle of the business. If the average internship is a glimpse into a field, ours is a panorama.


  • Small class of quality recruits
  • Collaborative pods combine UX design + marketing + engineering + data science
  • Project-based assignments create great portfolio pieces
  • Real-world experience within a $17 billion dollar organization
  • Compass Group is one of Forbes’ “Companies that are Changing the World” and in Fast Companies “top 50 most innovative companies”