Digital Products

We drive a suite of digital products into the Compass Group ecosystem, empowering operators, enhancing the customer experience, and helping to identify new business opportunities.

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The Future of Food Tech is now.

We maintain an active pipeline of growth-focused, emerging solutions that we incubate and scale across our business. Here are some of our most recent initiatives.

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Digitally enhancing the physical food and hospitality space.

Our Front of House digital solutions connect online to offline experiences across dining, retail, and other hospitality spaces. From the time a customer enters a space and well after leaving, every digital touchpoint is harmonious and seamless.

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Empowering Operators’ success with digital products.

Our Operators are food and hospitality experts. Our suite of Back of House digital products gives them the support and autonomy to provide their customers with an extraordinary experience, end to end.

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Breaking through physical walls with digital experiences.

Outside the house, digital products allow the business to reach new and loyal customers with the same hospitality level they would expect inside the café.

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AI Powered Frictionless Market

Frictionless Markets give customers the convenience to control their shopping experience. With this revolutionary new technology, guests can walk in, take what they like, and simply walk out—without ever having to scan anything or wait in line to pay.

Robotic Autonomous Delivery

Self-driving Autonomous Delivery Robots go the final mile, delivering across large campuses or even down the block; customers can keep their distance in a way that suits them best, while maintaining access to the food options they want.

Employee Experience and Engagement

Connect and engage with your front line associates through a notification on their device, influencing positive outcomes, facilitating conversations, and increasing performance; from anywhere.


Cashless Kiosk

Self-serve kiosks remove friction and create a more seamless customer experience. Easy to clean and compatible with any tablet stylus for increased safety and distancing, cashless kiosks give customers a low-contact, highly personalized ordering experience with speed and accuracy.

Chef-Driven Digital Menus

Menus are the fundamentals of digital ordering and can make or break a customer’s experience. We facilitate discoverability and personalization, allowing our culinary experts to build out menus that seamlessly translate into the digital space and through preparation for every guest.

Connected Digital Signage

Digital Signage is proven to enhance the customer experience, influence behavior, drive efficiencies, and increase retention. Connected Digital Signage allows for flexible and dynamic marketing, visually-engaging digital menus, and a more efficient food service space.

Mobile Experience Management

Our suite of digital café management tools allows Operators to control their café’s digital footprint, update menus, add specials and promotions, and even create a direct line of digital communication with customers.

KDS (Kitchen Display System)

The Kitchen Display System is a tablet-based software for tracking and fulfilling mobile orders. Operators have the ability to interact with orders and communicate with customers.

Menu Manager

Menu Manager gives Operators the ability to create scalable digital menus at a global level, with the flexibility to customize local-level offerings.


Bolter is an Operator-facing delivery application designed for Compass Operators who deliver orders outside of their Café or Marketplace walls, opening up the opportunity to capture new audiences.

Connected Facilities

Facilities powered by connected devices are proven to be more efficient and more profitable; providing actionable insights, increased food safety, and the ability to understand how the space is being used.

IoT Safety Sensors

Connected Food Safety Sensors give operators the ability to see real-time HACCP compliant reports, automate alerts, and gain insights. These small, cost-efficient devices have the power to prevent thousands of dollars in food loss, reallocated labor, and so much more.

Spatial Analytics

Turn insights into action with automated spatial analytics and predictive insights on wait times, population habits, and strategic spatial usage.

Healthcare Innovation—Team Suite

The Team Suite of applications drives the healthcare experience across retail, patient dining, task management, environmental and portering services.


A single interface that incorporates healthcare Operators’ most necessary business functions.


Digital Task Management for Transportation, Environmental Services, and more.


Track cleaning tasks, ensuring a high quality of safety and standards are met every shift.

Mobile and Desktop Ordering

Customers can order directly from their favorite menus through one of our mobile apps or desktop ordering. A safe, convenient, and customizable way to reach customers outside the walls of the traditional culinary space.

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Boost offers convenience, options, and fast service at your fingertips, leaving more time to study, see friends, and enjoy life on campus.



Thrive provides a customized, seamless experience at your workplace every time you want something to eat or drink. You don’t have to skip meals or grab something in a rush.

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You don’t have to leave your workplace to have a great food experience! All of the food options you’re used to, made fresh to order, so your food is perfectly hot (or refreshingly cold) when you pick it up.

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With the InstaEat app, it’s easy to pre-order and pre-pay for your favorite food and drinks made just the way you like them. InstaEat is available on both desktop and mobile, to help serve the unique needs of the healthcare space.

Foodworks - The best of local on mobile

Foodworks partners with the best local, female, and minority-owned restaurants and brings them to the corporate café through a contact-free mobile experience.


We’re keeping customers and operators safe by delivering to designated pickup spots through mobile and desktop ordering.

Food Lockers

Ambient food lockers offer a safe and efficient pickup solution for customers and operators. Integrated with mobile and desktop ordering, food lockers are password-protected and easy to clean.