The best way to get a feel for who we are is to look at our projects. It’s all in there. Every early morning and late night. Jam-sesh and stand-up. All the conference calls, code marathons, number crunches and research missions. All of it culminating in a body of work that proves time and again that the whole is greater than the sum of our parts.

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CDL projects


Mobile Boost

Students use Boost to pre-order and fully customize meals from their favorite on-campus dining locations. Plus they can pre-pay using a credit card or campus meal plan, and choose a pickup time that works with their busy schedule.


Mobile Nourish

Nourish helps hospital staff and visitors take a break from the stresses of the environment to order fresh, delicious meals that rejuvenate their bodies and revitalize their souls, so they can focus on caring for patients and loved ones.


Mobile Thrive

Thrive aims to make healthy food decisions quick and simple, keeping customers happy, energized and focused on the day ahead. With access to menus, customers can pre-order and pre-pay for their meals effortlessly.



This is tableside ordering for the senior living space. Integrated with Webtrition and focused on closing the gaps in food service, Bridge provides senior care staff with critical information on every diner’s individual needs, empowering them to bring more informed care to their residents.



Compass Digital Labs saw an opportunity to enhance the student experience by improving traditional physical spaces. By analyzing how students interact with their environment, we were able to seamlessly weave technology into their space, helping a diverse group of individuals solve their problems as they arise.

CDL work



Cashless Kiosks allows customers to make informed menu choices, customize their orders and settle up, all at one easily accessible station. Spatial optimization creates a smooth flow of traffic, which allows the system to feed a large number of customers while increasing revenue.



FED is a meal-kit ordering system that makes it easy to prepare nutritious and delicious meals for your family. Browse daily-featured meals, view caloric information and preview cooking instructions, then simply order, pay, and pick it up before leaving the office.