Using Mobile to Elevate the Guest Experience @ Incyte

With one kitchen, and indoor dining closed during Covid, the Restaurant Associates (RA) team at Incyte, a global biopharmaceutical company, was eager to figure out a way to still provide service to guests at multiple locations.

In addition to the closures, the daily population was reduced significantly, staff was limited, and there were supply chain issues. With their business model suddenly altered, the RA team knew they had to act fast to pivot their services; by leveraging the power of mobile ordering with Eatify, they were able to do exactly that, and more.

A Central Solution

To keep serving their population during the pandemic, the RA team offered Eatify Mobile Ordering from the kitchen at Incyte’s main location. Guests were then able to remotely access café offerings, and they quickly adapted to the new experience since it was both convenient and safe, with the additional benefit of people not needing to leave and reenter the building to grab their lunch. 

A few months after Eatify was introduced, Incyte reopened their second location a few miles down the street. While that location’s café and kitchen remained closed, the app enabled guests to:

  • Remotely review menus and place orders at the main location’s kitchen, and have them delivered to the second location
  • Grab pre-packaged items and checkout on their own at the new pop-up market set up by RA, thanks to Eatify’s Scan & Pay functionality
  • Access their favorite café menu offerings with peace of mind

A smartphone with the Eatify app on the screen.

Eatify’s ‘Scan & Pay’ feature essentially turns all of our cafés into self-checkouts 24 hours a day. It’s very easy for guests to use and it allows us to safely serve our guests even when we aren’t here.

Donna Evans | Operator at Incyte


RA expanded their menu to offer take-home dinner options as well. They were such a hit, guests would place orders even when they weren’t at the office that day and pick them up curbside. Thanks to Eatify, Covid didn’t stop the Operations team from seeing an increase in business:

Of café guests using mobile ordering
Lift in total café patronage since introducing Eatify

Eatify ended up being the perfect tool to leverage, due to the flexibility of the system to offer new experiences to Incyte’s guests as service and business needs continue to change.

The RA team harnessed the app’s full potential so guests could still enjoy access to a variety of menu items for both lunch and dinner, and also as a means to checkout ‘grab and go’ items through Eatify’s Scan & Pay functionality.

I love how easy the app is. I come in first thing in the morning and order my lunch. That way, if I’m on a call or in a meeting, I don’t have to worry about missing lunch.

Jennifer Kilpatrick | Senior Director of HR at Incyte