Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity with Thrive Ordering

This case profiles a Flik Cafe operating at a major pharmaceutical company in Maryland who saw considerable success using Thrive Ordering.

After months of uncertainty, Flik Cafe Operators wondered how they would safely serve customers as they began returning to their Cafe spaces. Questions were still lingering. How would the spaces need to change? Do highly-used communal touchpoints need to be removed? Luckily, the solution to these questions, and more, was already in play—Thrive Ordering from Compass Digital.

With familiar menus on the app, Operators could provide a sense of normalcy to loyal customers returning to a very different work environment. Delivery, a newly-added feature for this account, was able to reach new customers outside of the main building where the Cafe is housed. Thrive allows both foodservice teams and customers a user-friendly, straightforward experience that is easily adoptable.

Reimagining Cafes with Thrive

When this account opened its Cafe with Thrive as a key player, the launch menu featured stations that were favorites among the campus population, as well as exciting new brands as part of their welcome back. This was important, as the site had also seen a 41% decline in the campus population from March 2020 to September 2021. Through collaborative efforts, CDL and Flik also ensured that there would be helpful features available, which include:

  • Campus-wide Mobile Delivery
  • Scan & Pay items
  • Take-home Meal Solutions
  • Powerful Operator Reporting

For any units who remain closed and are unsure of what their café operation will look like upon return, we highly recommend they consider Thrive Mobile Ordering as a solution.

Matthew Middleton | Resident District Manager FLIK Hospitality Group


Thrive has been successful at this site for a number of reasons, which included a clear focus on production with the app. Even during Covid, Operations was able to see an increase in sales while also increasing their margins; teams can see the app’s efficiency as more orders are fulfilled in less time. The top three sellers have consistently been ‘Build-Your-Own’ options, showing us that customers love variety and the convenience that the app naturally offers.

There are now plans to add more stations to the app soon, with the numbers telling us that:

of pre-Covid sale numbers reached due to Thrive, in spite of 41% population decline
delivery orders occurred in Sept. '21, with 10 delivery locations across campus
of orders are now on Thrive (remaining 26% are on POS)
higher Avg. Check on Mobile vs POS

Changing your Operations model to meet the needs of today’s customers is absolutely critical. For many sites, Mobile Ordering is the answer to that new model.

Vast majority of the population utilizes Thrive for pickup and delivery—and they love it!

Matthew Middleton | Resident District Manager FLIK Hospitality Group